March 16

How was your weekend? #7

The alternative title for this post could be, “What my friend would write that I did this weekend if they were imagining they were me” and it’s based on a great idea which I picked up from Fiona James in a talk she gave at TESOL-SPAIN.
To begin with, each student writes a short sentence about what they did that weekend.  Then they all swap papers and have to continue the text, putting themselves in the mind of their friend.  Give them a few minutes and then they can exchange papers and discuss how correct the other person was.


Posted March 16, 2010 by Teresa Bestwick in category Speaking

1 thoughts on “How was your weekend? #7


    I'm glad you liked the idea – it's always good too, once students have swapped papers, to ask them first to copy their partner's sentence and then to copy it again as closely as possible to their partner's handwriting – this enables them to get into their partner's shoes as it were, to then continue writing in the same way. FIONA


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