March 24

Visualisation: the beach

Imagine you’re on the beach. It can be any beach in the world. Perhaps it’s a beach you know and you’ve been to, or maybe it’s an exotic beach on a tropical island.

Look around you. What can you see? Are there other people on the beach or are you alone? Are there any buildings near the beach? Is the beach next to a beautiful jungle?

What can you hear? Can you hear any birds? Listen to the sound of the ocean. Is it calm or are there big waves crashing onto the beach?

What’s the weather like? Is the sun hot against your skin? Or maybe there’s a little bit of wind blowing against your face.

Imagine you take off your socks and shoes. What does the sand feel like under your feet? Is it warm or cool? Imagine you’re walking along the beach. Are you walking in the sea, with the water around your ankles? Are you on the wet sand next to the water? Are you on dry sand? Is it easy to walk?

How do you feel right now? Relaxed? Energetic? Happy?


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