March 31

Visualisation – visiting family

Imagine you’re going to visit your grandparents. Think about how you get to your grandparents’ house. Do they live in the same town as you? Can you walk to their house, or catch a bus? Or do they live in a different place? Do you have to go there by car, or train, or even plane?

You arrive at your grandparents’ house. Look at the building. What’s it like? Is it a house or do they live in a flat? Are there lots of windows? Do they have a garden? Or a garage?

When you go to the front door, do you ring a doorbell (ding dong) or knock (toc toc)? What does it sound like?

What’s the first thing you see when the door opens? What can you smell?

Look around the different rooms in your grandparents’ house. Which is your favourite? Why? Do you have a favourite object in their house? Pick it up – what does it feel like?

How do you feel when you go to your grandparents’ house?



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