March 20

Visualisation – going shopping

Today we need to go shopping. But before we go, we need to decide what to buy, so imagine you’re walking into the kitchen and looking in the cupboards and the fridge. What can you see? What can you smell? Can you open all the doors? Do you need to stand on a chair or stretch up tall?

So, it’s time to go shopping. Do you walk to the supermarket? Do you go by car? Or on the bus?

Remember to pick up your shopping bags. What colour are they?

What do you see when you’re going to the supermarket? Are there lots of houses? Is the supermarket near other shops?

Now we’re there and we have to get a trolley or a basket to put all the food in. Is it a noisy trolley or is it quiet and easy to push?

Let’s look at the shopping list. What’s the first thing we need? Imagine you’re going to pick up that item. What can you smell? What can you hear? Are there lots of people in the supermarket? Walk around the supermarket and pick up the food you need.

Now we’ve got everything, it’s time to pay. Take everything out of the trolley and listen to the beep, beep as it goes through the machine. Put the food in your shopping bags – are they very heavy?

And now we can go home. What’s your favourite thing on the shopping list?


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