March 26

How was your weekend? #9

I’ve got quite a weak class of late-Primary students this year and so I’ve been using this powerpoint slide (Weekend for Monday) every Monday to give them some help talking about what they did at the weekend.  The beauty of the past simple in English is that the verb form doesn’t change according to the subject, so this week I’m going to ask them to tell each other what they did and then report back to the class on one thing.  This will mean they’ll all have more opportunity to speak and will make the activity quicker, as I often find that they do the same thing each weekend and get bored of listening to each other!

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April 22

Reasons to hate English…#1

I think that all of my students have, at one point or another, got so frustrated by the English language that they have said they hate it, and unfortunately some use the word more frequently than others.
We have recently been having verb tests with the young teens to practise irregular verbs (insert smiley face here!). Students do love complaining about how they have to learn a list of verbs, and it’s so impossible, and they’ll never remember them all, and English is stupid and …
There are many different approaches you can take when faced with the situation, but I personally show them the silver lining round that big black cloud of went, had, understood – at least in English there’s only one conjugation for everyone, unlike in Spanish….

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