March 26

How was your weekend? #9

I’ve got quite a weak class of late-Primary students this year and so I’ve been using this powerpoint slide (Weekend for Monday) every Monday to give them some help talking about what they did at the weekend.  The beauty of the past simple in English is that the verb form doesn’t change according to the subject, so this week I’m going to ask them to tell each other what they did and then report back to the class on one thing.  This will mean they’ll all have more opportunity to speak and will make the activity quicker, as I often find that they do the same thing each weekend and get bored of listening to each other!

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Posted March 26, 2012 by Teresa Bestwick in category Speaking

5 thoughts on “How was your weekend? #9

  1. Michelle Worgan

    Hi T! This is great – it gives them enough scaffolding to be able to make sentences without being too prescriptive. Hopefully in a few weeks they will be able to make their own sentences, just using the ppt as back up or a reminder. I’ll be teaching the past simple to a group of ten(ish) year olds soon and this looks like an excellent way of introducing the use of the tense. Thanks!

    1. Teresa Bestwick (Post author)

      Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for the comment. Let me know what other activities they come up with – mine is constantly getting added to and it’s a great way for them to pick up new vocabulary which doesn’t come up in books, such as sleepover.

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