July 2

Key phrases for speaking exams

Well, this has probably come a little late as it seems the main bulk of exams are finished now, but no doubt there’ll be some schools (including ours) doing B1 and B2 preparation courses over the summer.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Cambridge PET and First Certificate exams, in each of the speaking parts there is an interactive task during which candidates must look at a series of photos and discuss with a partner the best option.  The topic could be a present for a friend, methods of travelling around during a gap year, after-school activities on offer – a variety of topics, but the key language used will be much the same.  Phrases like:

That’s a great idea, because…

I disagree, because…

That’s true, but…

What do you think?

To give my students some extra practice and encourage/remind them to use all these interactive tools, I made a “photo frame” to put on top of the pictures so that the task is surrounded by useful phrases.

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