May 18

Using music

Hmmm…my first use of tagxedo!  Can’t quite figure out how to make it bigger though, without it looking distorted.  This came from a staff meeting we had on using music in the classroom – using it in the foreground, in the background, as a reward, as part of a routine with YLs…lots of fantastic ideas.  As they’re not so easy to read, I’ll pop them in below as well 🙂

TPR – songs with actions – karoke – running dictations before listening – gapfill – listen and point – invent the tune/video/ new verse – work with rhyme – predict vocabulary – bingo – use it for a grammar/vocab focus – as an introduction to a topic – stream of consciousness writing – visualisation – listen for mistakes in the tapescript – musical statues – musical consequences – guess the film – name the instruments – song posters – starting/ending the lesson – transition between activities…I’m sure you can think of more too!


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