July 1

They better all like football…

World Cup Elementary Lesson

This is the first day of Summer School for me and keeping with the theme of all things football, our first project is devoted to the World Cup.  In this lesson, students will be focusing on vocabulary related to countries, nationalities and languages and by the end of the lesson will be able to talk quite fluently about footballers from around the world (hopefully!).

Football pitchAt the end of the lesson, we’ll play a game in which teams have to advance up the pitch by answering questions about the players we’ve just looked at.  A team can answer as many questions in a row as they get correct, with the aim being of scoring a goal (the counter will be a football), but when they answer a question wrong, the other team steals the ball and has a chance to play back up the pitch to score.

Please feel free to download and use/adapt the PowerPoint presentation at the top of the post.  I have also posted the accompanying worksheet and questions about footballers on the Activities for your Classroom page.

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