3 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday #6

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  2. daniel

    What I remembered from my Cert:
    1) Sexy Course Director
    2) Japanese punk student with blue hair.
    3) Dreadlocked teacher of Thai for my unknown language
    4) “Burr torasa cong mer cong pom hat jet song…”, which is “My mother’s telephone number is 671…” in Thai.
    5) Trying to work out why one of the other trainee teachers was singing “Cockles and muscles, alive, alive-oh!” with his guitar to a bunch of Columbian and Japanese students, cringing and watching him through the gaps in my fingers.

    1. Teresa Bestwick (Post author)

      It’s strange the things which stand out…they’re generally unrelated to the input too!

      I remember the face of one of my Hungarian students, all of whom just seemed to thoroughly enjoy the whole experience! And two fairly useless phrases from my Russian class!


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