January 11

An old favourite to start the year

Well, after a very relaxing break, it’s back to work today!  I’ve got a couple of speaking classes with teens tomorrow, so I’m going to do a “Find someone who…” with them.  I’ve got some categories related to Christmas and follow-up questions to keep them occupied for a little while.  Here are some of my ideas…

Find someone who…
got a new mobile phone for Christmas…What can it do?
was ill in the holidays…What was wrong?
went to a party on New Year’s Eve…Where?  Who with?
had problems because of the weather…What happened?
didn’t get something they really wanted for Christmas…What?
bought something in the sales…What?  How much did it cost?
went on a long journey in the holidays…Where to?
saw someone they hadn’t seen for a long time…Who?
visited family in another town…Where? 
didn’t eat any Christmas cake…Why not?

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