November 4

Theatre with Young Learners

Children love stories and they love being a part of the action, so a great way to work with stories is to act them out in class.  This can either be on a grand scale, which involves taking the time to find costumes, make props and rehearse; or it can be a much smaller, quicker activity.
The easiest thing to do is draw the faces of the characters on card and then have students colour them in and cut them out.  Whilst they are busy colouring, make a headband for each student using thick paper and sellotape or staples.  When the masks are ready, paper clip one to each of the headbands and on with the show!
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April 2

Easter Fun for Kids

Here’s an Easter Card idea for kids…

You need:

  • Two pieces of card, in different colours
  • Colouring pencils / pens / crayons
  • Scissors
  • One split pin
In the centre of one of the pieces of coloured card, draw an Easter image, or write a message.
On the second piece of card draw an Easter egg which is bigger than your Easter image/message and decorate it. With younger students, it might be an idea to give them a template of the egg so that it is a good size.
Cut out the Easter egg and cut through the centre as if it has broken.
Using a split pin, attach the two pieces of the Easter egg to the first piece of card so that when you open the egg, you can see the picture inside.