April 2

Easter Fun for Kids

Here’s an Easter Card idea for kids…

You need:

  • Two pieces of card, in different colours
  • Colouring pencils / pens / crayons
  • Scissors
  • One split pin
In the centre of one of the pieces of coloured card, draw an Easter image, or write a message.
On the second piece of card draw an Easter egg which is bigger than your Easter image/message and decorate it. With younger students, it might be an idea to give them a template of the egg so that it is a good size.
Cut out the Easter egg and cut through the centre as if it has broken.
Using a split pin, attach the two pieces of the Easter egg to the first piece of card so that when you open the egg, you can see the picture inside.

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Posted April 2, 2009 by Teresa Bestwick in category Celebrations

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