July 29

The end of an era…

Well, not an era as such, but “The end of a course…” didn’t have quite the same ring to it!

It’s been a long five weeks, longer for some than for others, but all fourteen trainees have survived!  And as moderation draws to a close, it’s a good time for me to reflect on the experience too.

I’ve gained a lot of valuable insights into my own teaching during the course.  From a practical point of view, remembering to show off all the best techniques when being observed on Day 1: the TEFL crouch, monitoring like a butterfly, gestures, clarity of instructions, speed and tone of voice…things which I do in my day-to-day teaching anyway, but which you focus more on when being observed.  Also, when giving feedback and commenting on the way trainees have done activities, I’ve realised that I’ve made the same mistakes as them in my own lessons and so I’ve come away with new methods as well.

“Class of July 2011”?  A group of teachers who have all brought their own strengths to the course, who have learnt from one another and formed what will no doubt be lasting friendships for some as they’ve faced the pressures and strains of the TESOL Cert together.


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