April 5

Body Post-its

Firstly, huge thanks to Cecilia for introducing me to this activity on her blog Box of Chocolates – I’ve tried it with 7-year-olds and FCE adults and to be honest, I’m not sure who had more fun!

Body post-itsWhen doing the activity with the younger students, I asked them to write as many body parts as they could and stick them to the appropriate bit of their model.  They had great fun and were incredibly motivated to not only show what they already knew, but also to ask for more vocabulary.

With the FCE group, I did it as an introduction to the topic of health, writing the words I wanted them to use on the board and asking them to stick them to the correct part.  It was more engaging than the labelling activity in the book and everyone participated.  In fact, those who I thought might not really appreciate the activity and would perhaps see it as a little immature and silly were the ones who were most engaged!


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