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March 5

Character Builds #3

In a previous post, I talked about how to set up a character build in the class and how they can be used to practise specific grammar points.  With my KET group, we recently looked at the present perfect with for, since, just, already, etc.

We did a character build in class and then the learners completed the following worksheet:

Character Build

It appealed to the more creative learners, both artistically and linguistically  and I allowed the learners freedom to answer the questions how they saw fit.  Our character, a lovely Swedish lady who lived in Madrid, had just stolen something from IKEA according to one learner!

March 29

Character Builds #2

Another option when doing character builds is to take a screenshot of a character from a film or advert and get students to imagine more about that person’s life.

Little Old LadyAsk students to think about the little old lady, give her a name, think about her family and what she’s going to do today.

Then show them this clip!

March 29

Character Builds

Here’s an easy activity to start your lessons with – it’s student-created, gets them communicating and can be used to practise specific grammar points or just as a fun warmer.

Ask for a volunteer to come to the board and tell them they’re going to draw a person, using information that the other students supply.  Ask students questions to “create” the character…

Character BuildIs it a man or a woman?

Is he tall or short?  Fat or thin?

What’s he wearing today?

Where is he?

What are his hobbies?

Where does he work?

Has he got a pet?

The student at the board needs to incorporate the answers into the drawing and when you have created the character, ask students to tell their partner about the person (and give him a name as well).  You could also prepare some fast finisher cards to hand out to students with extra questions, such as…

Tell me about his daily routine.

What type of music does he like?

Do you think he’ll be famous in the future?

Would you like to be friends with him?

September 16

Prep-free speaking activities

I had a great time Thursday morning, sharing some ideas for prep-free speaking activities with the fab team of teachers at ELI in Sevilla. Below the presentation you can find links to the activities I presented and if anything is missing, I’ll write about it soon!

Definitely, maybe

A cloudy day

Picture dictations

Guess the question

Character builds

Spot the difference


Keep talking

I’ll be doing a session on Guided Visualisations at the ACEIA conference in November, so if you enjoyed the one we did in the session, come along for more ideas!








September 24


I’m killing two birds with one stone with this post!  Firstly as it allows me to throw out another piece of paper with thoughts from last year written on and also it’s good for one of my new year resolutions!

At some point last year, probably during my quest to make use of more routines, I started a list of some activities I could do in class to revise language.  So here’s my list…

  • Question word O+X
  • Where’s the ghost? (good for prepositions)
  • Character Builds (great for any age and level)
  • Star Word
  • Bingo
  • Banangrams
  • Freeze! (What were you doing when…?)
  • Hangman
  • Alphabet Race
  • Guess the Question
  • The Boss Says…
  • Disappearing Sentence
  • Sit down if…
  • Different types of Dictation
  • Vocab boxes