February 15

Engaging Exam Exercises

Here are the slides from the talk I gave at the FECEI annual conference, held in Madrid last weekend. If there are any questions about any of the activities, leave a message in the comments below or feel free to email me.

Engaging Exam Exercises from verybouncyperson
Thanks to the wonderful Sandy Millin for reminding me that I was going to post links to the activities from the slides:
Spot the difference
Ask the Experts
Phrasal Verb Jeopardy
Dice Games – these can be downloaded from my Activities page
Word formation 4-in-a-row
You can find an explanation of SPRE in this blogpost  and there’s a bit about using guided visualisations in this blogpost. The idea of the final activity was to helo learners with creative writing – by doing a guided visualisation and using the SPRE format for story-writing, we can help our learners become more effective writers, especially when they’re trying to do so in the pressure of an exam

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4 thoughts on “Engaging Exam Exercises

  1. Diana Guralev

    Teresa, hi. My name is Diana – I attended your lecture in Madrid. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge – it was so needed! I took notes of all the activities you suggested and I am starting to implement them as we speak.

    1. Teresa Bestwick (Post author)

      Hi Diana,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s great to hear that you found the session useful and I hope your learners are enjoying the activities too!
      Teresa 🙂

  2. Sandy Millin

    Hi Teresa,
    It looks like there is a great set of activities here, but I can’t always work out what they are! Are you going to share any of them on your blog separately (or have you already?)? Thanks!

    1. Teresa Bestwick (Post author)

      Thanks so much for reminding me that I was going to put the actual links to the activities in the post! My new favourite activity is definitely Spot the difference – minimal prep and maximum talking time!


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