November 17

10 years ago…

I had this wonderful idea(l) that when I gave up my role of academic coordinator and devoted my time and energy to being a full-time teacher, I would have ‘perfect’ classes – I’d be on top of everything, the learners would be engaged all the time, it would be fun, there’d be no classroom management issues…life would be a breeze.

Reality hits hard.

So, why is life different now?  What’s changed in my edu-sphere?

10 years ago…(in no particular order!)

I wasn’t a particularly good teacher.  I was less aware (read as ‘ignorant’) of the big questions in ELT.  I had lower expectations (mainly because I don’t think I really knew what my expectations were).  I didn’t blog or read blogs.  I didn’t use Twitter or Facebook.  I had only just started attending conferences and certainly wasn’t a speaker.  I wasn’t a teacher trainer.  I only had one job.  I worked a solid block of hours and didn’t have to commute.  I had less people to compare myself with.  I didn’t have the passion for ELT which I have now.

In conclusion, it’s on me to change – to become the teacher I want to be.  And I wanted to end with an inspiring quote, but I don’t really go in for soppy, sentimental cr*p, so here’s one I found on Pinterest:


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