November 2

Fortnightly Focus #5 – Listening

Well, my talk for ACEIA is coming together, although admittedly I haven’t had the chance to try out all the activities in class just yet as we had a four-day weekend ūüôā¬† However, one thing which preparing the talk made me think about is how it can be quite tricky to isolate the different sub-skills of listening in order to teach them effectively in class.¬† It’s very easy to approach the listening text as coursebooks often do and I find that this often means that we are testing learners’ listening comprehension rather than working on the skills which would make them more effective listeners.¬† That said, the Face2Face series often uses phonology as “Help with Listening” which is one approach which will benefit learners immensely.¬† Do you know of any other resources which provide learners with more support in listening?

My next fortnightly focus is going to be working with my 10-year-olds who are quite weak linguistically.¬† Having taught the material before to much stronger groups, I’m struggling to pitch the coursebook to their level, but also aware that they need a lot more routine review of much simpler language too.¬† So, I’ll be working on that and hopefully make the lessons more engaging and beneficial for them.

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