September 7

Fortnightly Focus #1 – an introduction

A couple of years ago, following a round of observations at Active Language, the coordinators set up a Question of the Week which involved a weekly question based on something we had picked up on during the observations.  It was posted in each of our centres in an obvious spot with the idea being that people reflect on that particular aspect of their teaching.  There was no need to share reflections with a peer, but rather it was just to remind us about things such as TTT/TTQ, seating arrangements or how we introduce a new linguistic point, and they were purposefully general, rather than specifically focussed on a certain age group or course.

Inspired this year by Mike Harrison’s notelts, I’ve decided to set myself a similar challenge of a Fortnightly Focus.  Every other Wednesday, I’ll post myself an area to reflect on and then share my thoughts on here.  If anyone would like to join me, you’re more than welcome to.

So, this Fortnightly Focus is on the following topic:

What am I doing in preparation for the new term?

I’m fortunate in that I have a rough idea of some of the groups I’ll be getting this year, but I’m still hoping to prepare a number of resources which will work with different levels.  I’ll let you know my progress in two weeks’ time!



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