September 2

Looking ahead

Yesterday was officially my last day in a coordination role at Active Language and I’m incredibly excited about the new year ahead.  I’ve bought my new folder/agenda/life-organiser (though haven’t yet worked out how to used a two-hole punch to make four holes effectively), I’ve set myself some goals for the year and, over the next two weeks, I’m going to sort out and declutter my teaching stuff – which is currently a Trinity college bag full to the brim with my Diploma and IH TYLE folders and who knows what else…and I think I just saw a spider in there which could cause some problems.  So here’s to the future 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Looking ahead

  1. Micaela

    Hi T!
    Good luck with the new school year! I hope all goes well with the new focus. Sounds like it’ll be an exciting and fulfilling change for you. xxMicaela


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