April 8

FCE Practice with EDpuzzle

We’re starting to look into blended learning at Active Language and whilst chatting about it the other day, I remembered a colleague, John, mentioning EDpuzzle.  This site allows you to add questions and comments to YouTube videos (and perhaps does other things though I haven’t explored it fully yet!).  Here’s my first attempt at using it – unfortunately you do need to sign up to use it, although you can log in with your Google account.  In fact, part of the reason for embedding it here was to see if it could be accessed by the class without needing to create an account – I don’t like obliging people to sign up to things.


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Posted April 8, 2016 by Teresa Bestwick in category Exams, Speaking

2 thoughts on “FCE Practice with EDpuzzle

  1. Naomi Epstein

    You can share edpuzzle exercises without your readers having to register for it.
    See an example here on my blog
    When you finish preparing your video lesson, under the assign option there is also a “share” button. choose the link or the embed code (I’m also on edublogs, embeds beautifully) and paste it into your post. embed codes need to be pasted in text mode. that’s it.

    1. Teresa Bestwick (Post author)

      Thanks for that, Naomi – I thought I had embedded it;, looking at yours though, it says Guest Mode in the top corner so maybe there’s something I missed! Such a lovely video on your blog, by the way – definitely one to save up and use another day!


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