September 14

Back to school

I’m feeling very excited about the new term starting tomorrow.  I think whilst it’s a time to look forward, it’s also a great opportunity to look back and reflect on the previous year.  At the end of the year, we took a moment to think about our development over the year and thankfully I kept my notes.

So, here are my new year’s resolutions in the form of three areas I’d like to continue working on this year:

More routines – they really are essential, especially with YLs but I’d like to develop them more with adults too and provide a space in the class to recycle and revise target and emergent language

More phonology – the “Cinderella” of language teaching.  My plan is to work more with the chart to raise learners’ awareness of the sounds and provide them with the skills to help themselves with pronunciation

Working more with teachers – I’m keen to develop within my role at our school and would like to take more time to work more closely with other members of staff, either through observation, help with planning or in other ways


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