October 10

Last to leave

Last to leaveIt may be early days, but so far this term this is proving to be an effective classroom management technique to limit Spanish in the class.

It’s a simple “button” which I stick next to a student’s name when they speak Spanish.  When another student speaks Spanish, the button moves.  Whoever has the button at the end of the class stays behind to help tidy up…wiping off the board, putting the tables and chairs straight, etc.

It’s handy as well as they police each other!


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Posted October 10, 2013 by Teresa Bestwick in category Miscellaneous

1 thoughts on “Last to leave

  1. Nesly

    I did the same for my nine years old and it worked very well. I think I over did it with the size of the button 😀 I was in your workshop today and I really enjoyed it, wasn’t a surprise for me as I was there for the first time last year. You really inspire me how to do the classes, how to prepare my lessons and how to enjoy and make them enjoy English. Thanks so much.


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