March 12

One-Board Games…extra ideas

Thanks to everyone who came to my talk on Sunday.  Some of the materials are available here and below are the extra ideas which people shared during feedback…
* If you’re worried about class control (use of L1, students focussing on the game rather than the linguistic element), why not project the board and play in teams?
* You could use two dice and revise a specific grammar or vocab point for each number rolled (from 2 to 12)
* Students can create the material – they could think of ten questions each for homework.  Next lesson, correct the questions and divide the class into groups, giving each a different set of questions from their own.  Adds a personal element whilst practising question formation and answers
* Super-size your board!  Either draw the board out on the floor (using chalk or masking tape) or create a board on a big piece of fabric.  You could use human counters or objects which also help revise vocabulary…one day you could play with plastic fruit, another day with different toys or classroom objects
* Another idea is to have topics on the board or on cards and students have to speak for a set time on that topic
* Why not have forfeit squares?  If a student lands on a forfeit square and can’t answer the question correctly, they have to sit with their finger on their nose until their next turn (or something equally silly!)
* One problem with board games is time…some students rush through and have finished whilst others are still near the start.  Why don’t you make the board circular?  That way there’s no start or finish.  If students need to know who won, ask how many times they each went round the board


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