November 14

4 corners or 2 ends

This post is inspired by an activity which my friend Steve O does with his students.  I’ve been doing the same type of activity in different ways with my class of nine-year-olds, who are full of energy and love an excuse to run around the classroom.



We’ve been working a lot with vowel phonemes so I’ll sometimes stick two or three phonemes up around the room and have students run to the sound of the word I say.  This is good for receptive skills, but doesn’t really encourage students to use the word, let alone chunks of language.



We’ve just finished the first unit and the topics covered were school subjects and time.  I wrote the two topic titles on pieces of paper and stuck them on the wall.  Then I started a sentence and students had to run to the correct topic, then repeat and complete the sentence.  Sentences included: I’m good at…, I get up at …, My favourite subject is…

Though I did this as a revision activity, it could work well to introduce students to structures, as they have to repeat and complete the sentence.



Another option (which I posted about recently!) is to make one end of the room true and the other false.  A student makes a statement and their classmates have to run to the end which is correct for them.  This works well as a five-minute filler.

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