May 15

Fast finishers? No, early arrivers!

Keeping students occupied is a tough job and a range of fast finisher activities is always a good thing to have to hand.  But what about keeping students entertained before the lesson starts?  In a perfect world, our classes would start punctually with students arriving dead on the time they’re due to come into class, rather than ten minutes earlier or later.  Well, one can dream!


I’ve found with YLs that it’s important for them not to build up too much energy with friends before coming into class.  Left to their own devices whilst waiting they often get a bit over-excited and this then spills over into the class.  Fortunately our school has a reading area where students can sit and look through some books or magazines whilst waiting.  The other day however, I also found something else to keep them occupied – I gave them cards with the names of different songs (our routine songs and some from the coursebook) and they say outside and merrily sang away.  I don’t know if the secretary was too enthused, but it was a lovely way to keep them entertained and using English, so ready to come into class and continue.

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Posted May 15, 2012 by Teresa Bestwick in category Miscellaneous

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