April 24

Making more of a running dictation

I managed to squeeze in some extra prepositions and classroom vocabulary  practice today – completely unplanned but I was in a rush between classes!  I was late leaving one classroom and had to pick up some students for their lesson and I didn’t have time to stick up the sentences for the running picture dictation.  So instead I asked the students to do it by giving each a sentence and an instruction – there are some great places to stick sentences around the room…

Above the bin

Under the table

Next to the bookcase

On the floor

On the teacher’s back (!)


As well, if there are posters around the room, you can turn it into more of a game by asking them to stick the sentence next to the bus or on the goldfish – they’ll look at you as if you’re crazy at first (“Next to the bus?”) and then it’ll click.


Posted April 24, 2012 by Teresa Bestwick in category Vocabulary Activities

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