March 25

Do you agree?

It’s always fun to get younger students up and moving about and asking the class a question such as, “Do you like playing football?” provides a great opportunity for some movement.  Here are some ideas on different ways to get students to say yes/no.

  • Move to one corner of the room or another
  • Pat your head / rub your tummy – great as if they want to say “so-so” they have to do both!
  • Hands up to the sky for yes and down to the floor for no – a good one to use if you want a scale
  • Jumping for yes, crouching for no

These are all “silent” ways of saying yes or no, but you could also do the activity with students in their seats and making different noises to show their answer.

  • Humming – quietly for no and getting louder according to the scale
  • Ding dong = yes, Eh-ur = no – à la Family Fortunes


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Posted March 25, 2012 by Teresa Bestwick in category Just for fun

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