July 11

Pieces of a puzzle

I’m feeling inspired for my lesson on Wednesday morning and it’s all thanks to Sandy Millin and her blog (Almost) Infinite ELT Ideas.  Sandy’s question was, “What would you do with post-its?” and my reply was to cover an image using numbered post-its and the students have to answer a question correctly to remove a post-it in the hopes of guessing what the image is.

I’m doing a lesson on famous Spaniards on Wednesday and decided to try and incorporate this idea into my class.  So I’ve taken some images of what my famous Spaniards are associated with and I’m going to cut up the final document and stick it face down on the board in a jumbled-up fashion.  Students then have to answer a question correctly to turn over a piece of the puzzle and ultimately guess what the eight images are related to.


You can dowload the rest of the lesson plan from the Worksheets section on my Activities for your Classroom page.


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