July 6

2 True, 1 False

When I was writing the post the other day about Getting To Know You activities, I was surprised to see I hadn’t already posted about this activity.  Or at least I could find it anywhere using the handy Search box on the side.  So here goes…

I’ve lived in Spain for ten years.

I can’t drive.

I’ve got two sisters.

With the Elementary group I wrote these three sentences on the board and explained that one of them was false.  They chatted to their partner about which it could be, then I asked them what they thought.  Having put their names on the board next to their choice, I asked them to ask me a question related to the sentence so they could find out which was false.

They then did the same activity in pairs: each person wrote three sentences (2 Truw, 1 False) and their partner had to guess which one was false.  They can ask follow-up questions as well and then feedback to the class about their partner.

This activity also works well when practising specific grammar points: students could write three sentences in the present perfect or three sentences using I wish…

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