May 11


TEFL del Sur met again on Saturday and so I picked up some great ideas to spice up this last term.  One of them, from Ray, was based on the TV show Wipeout which was popular in the UK when I was younger.  You have a table of sixteen words, four of which are “incorrect”.  In Ray’s version which we played on Saturday, we had to pick out which phrases weren’t “Wiganese” – which was a tough challenge for most of us!

I played the game last night with my FCE class, practising word formation as in the Use of English paper, part 3.  Students are in teams and have to choose the correct words; once they find one they can choose to either play or pass to the next team.  Teams win 10 points per word and can play until they pick an incorrect word, at which point they lose everything they’ve won until then.  I was a bit worried that the words I’d given my students would be too easy, but there were a few which they were unsure about!

WipeoutYou could also use it to practise lexical groups such as phrasal verbs, though it’s sometimes hard to come up with a combination of verb and particle which isn’t a phrasal verb!  If you want to play a similar game on an interactive whiteboard, try using Triptico‘s Find Ten game.

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