April 8

Running Race for PETs

This post is inspired by a request from Kirsten about what to do in a PET tutorial this afternoon. I did this activity with my PET class the other day and it went down a treat.

Take a copy of the Reading paper, part 2 (Matching).  Cut up the eight texts and stick them around the room.  Copy one set of questions for each pair of students and colour-code each (so you know which pair each set of questions belongs to), then cut them into strips.  Explain to Student A that you are going to give him a question which he must read to his partner, then Student B must find the correct text which matches the question.  Student B tells A the answer, which he writes next to the question and Student B brings it to the teacher. If the answer is correct, you give them the next question and they swap roles; if it is incorrect, they must continue looking for the correct answer.

It will also work with FCE Reading, part 3.  A competitive activity which encourages students to read the texts carefully for specific details.

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