March 21


Another thing I love about going to conferences and using Twitter is finding out about all the incredible resources which are available and being used by teachers around the world.

TripticoTriptico is one of those sites which will have you hooked – it’s a downloadable program which enables you to create fun, engaging and motivating activities for your students.  You can get students to form sentences using Word Magnets, do vocabulary activities with Find Ten…, and create a variety of classroom tools such as countdown timers, student generators and word spinners.  You save activities to your computer and then load them from within the program (I made the mistake of trying to load them without having Triptico open – it doesn’t work!).

Here you can see a Find Ten activity which I created for my primary students.  They click on the words they think are correct – if they’re right, it goes green; if they’re wrong, it goes red.  It took me more time to think of the sports to include than it did to actually create the game!  In this game, I’ve spelt some words incorrectly, so it’s practising their spelling skills too.  It’s also useful for those doing Cambridge YL exams: you could have ten words of one vocab set and five from another and students would have to identify the set and say why the other words didn’t fit.  Have fun creating your own activities!

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