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TensionI got this great game for Christmas and it can be easily adapted to play in the classroom.  Divide the class into three groups and give each groups a different set of cards with topics on.  They have to write ten words associated with that topic.  Then, group A reads out their topic and B and C have one minute to shout out as many words associated with that topic as possible…but only the ones on the card count.  Group A need to keep track of which team says each word and at the end of the round, add up the scores.

It’s a great way to practise vocabulary and you can vary the topics according to level.  Here are some ideas:

  • fruit
  • animals
  • things which are red
  • verbs beginning with s
  • British cities
  • American actresses
  • things with four legs
  • at the beach
  • phrasal verbs related to crime

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