December 2

What do we see when we observe?

ExcellentObservations are weird.  I don’t think they give the observer a clear idea of what happens in the class, though I guess as well it depends on who/what they are observing.

I’ve done a couple of observations this week and they were an opportunity for me to see some of the students at the school where I am the Academic Co-ordinator.  Yes, it was also an opportunity for me to see my colleagues in action and pick up some new ideas, but I wasn’t there to judge them or their teaching, but rather observe the students.

What did I see?  An hour-long class which gave me a very rough idea of the students and a fairly patchy idea of the class dynamic.  “Foreign bodies” in the classroom have that effect – classes which are disruptive and inattentive become the perfect example of what teaching is all about; whilst normally angelic students turn into crazed maniacs.

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