September 20

Back to school…back to reality

Well, it’s the start of a new academic year!  And the time of the year to remember all those getting to know you activities which you pull out in September.

TeresaI’ve got a nice activity for young learners to review the English they know and get to know them a little better.

Ask them to write their name on the left hand side of the paper and think of a word in English beginning with each letter which relates to them.  The words can be related to hobbies, food, family…anything they like.

Then decorate the paper using the words on the left and present your paper to classmates.

“My name’s Teresa and I’m a teacher.  I live in Spain, but I was born in England.  I live with my boyfriend and we’ve got a rabbit, a hamster and some fish.  I like using my computer and I send emails to my family.  I like living in Spain because it’s sunny.  I like green apples, but I don’t like red ones.”

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