August 9

The writing’s on the wall

If you’re looking for some inspiration for the new school year, check out this post by Edna called 10 ways to think about your learning space.  It’s poses some interesting questions about how you want your students to work and how you can inspire them to learn more.

Edna suggests having a “Wonder Wall” – a place where students can write questions which will inspire others to think.  This reminds me of my classroom a few years ago, in which I had a grafitti wall.  It was just a huge piece of paper which I coloured to look like a brick wall where students could grafitti their favourite words and phrases in English.  It was great: we had song lyrics, quotes from The Simpsons and even “Ibble, obble, black bobble; Ibble, obble, out.”

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Posted August 9, 2010 by Teresa Bestwick in category Just for fun

2 thoughts on “The writing’s on the wall

  1. Beverly

    I think the Wonderwall’s a great idea too! A goal of mine this year is to ask better questions and to get the students thinking about what makes a good question – the wonderwall seems like a great idea to make examples of good questions visible in the classroom. Thanks for the link!

  2. Teresa Bestwick (Post author)

    Thanks for stopping by, Beverly. Any visual stimulation in the class is good, and the fact that this comes from the students makes it all the more useful and inspiring.


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