June 28

Back to school!

I’m having a great morning!  I’ve gone back to square one and spent the morning sitting in a class with future EFL professionals.  I’m observing parts of the Active Language TESOL Cert course in the hope of getting enough experience to be a trainer on next year’s course and it’s really fun.

 I’ve already blogged before about the importance of continuing development for teachers, and listening to this morning’s input I’ve been reflecting on my own teaching.  A trip “back to the basics” can do you a world of good.

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4 thoughts on “Back to school!

  1. steve

    If my class goes well
    it’s because I’ve had

    Belief in my ideas or plan
    Let it be rather than paint it black.

    I call it the BELL system of TEFL education.

    And like other systems it should be rung your way.

    Meet up soon Teresa?

  2. shadowfalcon

    I think it’s good in any profession to go back to the beginning from time to time – helps to keep things in perspective.


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