May 19

Chinese Whispers

OK, so I tried playing Chinese whispers with a group yesterday and it really didn’t work!  We went from “Today is Tuesday” to “John and Peter are eating pizza” and then from “It’s almost summer” to “Barca are the best team in the world”.  So, what did I do wrong?

I think the main problem was that I didn’t insist on doing it in two teams as was my original intention: gone was any sense of competitiveness and the importance of saying the sentence correctly.  Also, my sentences weren’t very inspiring – there were no funny words like “washing machine” and it was very simple.  Next time I might try something along the lines of, “The witch washed her whites in the washing machine”.  Let’s see how that one turns out!

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Posted May 19, 2010 by Teresa Bestwick in category Speaking

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