April 27

Picture Dictations

OK, thanks to Steve for reminding me about the wonders of picture dictations.  I’ve done three in the past two days!
With my Adults on Monday, we described family members who the rest of the class had to draw.  (If I was doing this again, I would ask students to bring in a photo on the day, so that we could compare the drawings with the real person.)
Then yesterday evening, my 12-year-olds were looking at the topic of holidays, so they dictated the view from our hotel room to each other.
And later that evening, I did a similar activity with my advanced group, looking at vocabulary to describe landscapes.
The thing I liked most about the picture dictations with Tuesday’s groups is that we developed the story around the picture when they were done – again encouraging communication through the idea of “There are no wrong answers!”  One of my students in the earlier class invented the story that he’d gone to the Moon on his holidays and there men have blue skin, women have green skin and it’s very common for people to drive eight-wheeled cars.

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