February 2

What can you say about “chicken” for a minute?

This is a great activity and for the life of me, I can’t remember where it came from!  It needs zero preparation and is a great time-filler at the end of class.
Give each student a small piece of paper and tell them to write a word on it, explaining that it can be any English word they : a colour, an animal, a verb, an adjective and so on.  Fold up the pieces of paper so that the words can’t be seen. 
One student comes to the front and takes a paper.  They have to talk about that topic for one minute.  Put ten ticks on the board and explain that each student starts with ten points.  They lose a point every time they use L1 or pause for too long.  You can also take off points for excessive repetition, if you like.  
This game is fun as students don’t know why they’re writing the words on the piece of paper to start with and so the topics which people end up with can be very amusing.  Also, they don’t need to worry too much about the grammar and creating perfectly structured sentences : the idea is just for them to talk non-stop for a minute and they don’t lose points for making mistakes.

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