December 10

How was your weekend? #5

My most challenging group this year is a class of 14-year-old boys who aren’t really interested in being in English class and spend their time pretending to be robots or talking about being porn stars.  It’s often hard to get a serious answer out of them when talking about themselves and a perfect example of this is with the question “What did you do this weekend?”
One day one of the students answered, “Nothing.  I sat in a corner.”  It seems to be a popular weekend activity, as it’s now what most of them spend their weekends doing.
What can you do when faced with an answer like this?  As I see it, there are two options: either get annoyed and ask them to answer you seriously, or go along with it.  Having seen that the first was going to be a waste of my time and energy, I decided to try the second – with surprising results!
Yesterday, one of my students told me that, whilst sitting in the corner of his house, he managed to assassinate Obama’s double who was in the White House, which has now been renamed the Red House because of all the blood.  The student was aiming to hit Obama (nothing personal, it’s their plan to kill all world leaders) but instead hit his double with a single head shot.
I can’t say I approve of his weekend activities, but at least now he has something to say at the start of the week!Picture from


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