October 30

Narrative Consequences

I was doing future tenses with my class and wanted to do something fun to practise the grammar, so I decided to play Narrative Consequences.  Each student has a piece of paper and they have to complete the following sentence:
This weekend I …
Then they fold over the top so you can’t read the sentence and swap papers with a partner.  That person completes the next sentences, then they swap again, and so on.
Next summer I …
When I finish school I …
I’m definitely going to marry …
We’ll …
I’ll be … because … (completed with an adjective and reason)
When I’m 60, I …
You then collect all the papers and invite students to the front to read out their futures.  It’s a great activity to practise all the skills and it’s a good laugh too.
As an additional activity, I checked the stories and wrote next to each sentence how many mistakes there were.  The students then worked in groups to correct the mistakes and made a note of the most frequent errors in their books.

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