October 27

Flashcard Pelmanism

OK, another five-minute idea for young learners which needs little or no preparation. Choose a set of flashcards (e.g. colours) and stick them face down on the board, assigning each one a number.  Then write the corresponding words on pieces of card and stick them face down on one side of the board.

Divide the class into teams, depending on the size of the class and then stand by the column of wordcards.  Point to the middle card and say to the first team, “Up? Down? Or stop?”  They then direct you to the word card they want to pick.  Turn over the card and invite a student to read the word, then pick a flashcard.  If they make a matching pair, they win a point and the two cards stay face up.  If they guess incorrectly, turn both cards back down and begin again with the next team.

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Posted October 27, 2009 by Teresa Bestwick in category Vocabulary Activities

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