September 29

Definitely, maybe

This is a great game to get teens talking. Tell the class that you’re going to talk about a certain topic for a two minutes, e.g. Pets. Before you start talking, divide the class into teams and ask them to write two columns with five words in each : five words they think you’re DEFINITELY going to say, and five words they think that MAYBE you’ll say. Give them a time limit to think of words, then explain that they need to listen to you speaking and tick off any of their words which you say.
When you’ve finished, give them a moment to work out their scores; they get 2 points for every word from the DEFINITELY column, and 1 point for each one in the MAYBE column. Then ask one of the students to think of a topic that they want to talk about.
Repetitions don’t count and you need to give them a list of words which can’t be used, like articles, simple verbs, pronouns, etc. Also, be careful when the students are speaking as others may interrupt with questions so that they elicit the words on their list – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

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