June 2

Sticker Surveys

This is an activity based on an idea which I saw/read about somewhere, but can’t for the life of me remember where.
To practise the present simple with my young learners, I’m going to do a class survey about the things they do in summer. Before the class I’m going to stick questions up around the room with two columns, YES and NO.
Justify FullThe students have to read the question and decide whether their answer is YES or NO, then they have to come to me and say a complete present simple sentence in order to get a sticker with their name on which they can colour in and put in the correct column. So, for the first question, Lola will come to me and say, “I visit my family.” And for the second one she’ll say, “I don’t go to the beach.”
I can envisage it being a bit hectic to start with ten students running at me wanting their first stickers, but it should be good fun!

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