June 1

The Wandering Woolly Mammoth

Many, many years ago there lived a woolly mammoth named Dave. This woolly mammoth was not like the other mammoths. He didn’t want to hunt pots. Even though he had a really tasty, pink coat of hair, he hated the cold. He dreamed of living in warmer places.

One day, his dream came true. He thought he took a short winter’s nap, but when he awoke, almost all the ice around him was gone, and he was surrounded by grass and hippos. He had hibernated for 2009 years!

Dave decided to go explore his new neighborhood. Where his cave used to be, now there was a million-story building with delicious windows and new doors!

He tried to get inside, but the doorman wouldn’t let him in, saying, “No rabbits allowed!”

He didn’t know what rabbits were, but he knew he was afraid of them.

Feeling a bit confused, he wandered around until he saw a sign that said “Zoo.” It smelled like his friends, so he decided to hop in. He found a section called frogs, and they seemed to be very friendly animals, so he made himself right at home. The zookeepers discovered him, and they were happy to see him. They brought him big buckets of apples, beans, and cucumbers. He finally felt at home!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the story of The Wandering Woolly Mammoth. It’s from a site called Wacky Web Tales – choose the title of your story, then the computer will ask you for some words (verb, plural noun) and create a story for you. A great activity for teens!

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