May 27

Angels and Demons

Ha ha! No, nothing to do with the new Tom Hanks film, nor suitable words to describe your students! Though I am thinking of Angels and Demons in the classroom.

At the moment, my class of nine year-old boys is desperately trying to decapitate the picture of Miley Cyrus on the wall. The poster itself has both positive and negative comments about the star, as it was made by students in an activity to practise the causative.

I’m so beautiful because I have my hair done every day.
I’m so rich, I have all my clothes dry-cleaned.
I’m such a bad singer, I had my voice dubbed on my latest album.

There will always be celebs that students love and celebs they hate, and I’m all for a bit of healthy negativity in the classroom. At least if they write their opinions on paper, it’s in English and hopefully avoids endless bickering in Spanish!

Posted May 27, 2009 by Teresa Bestwick in category Just for fun

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