May 26

Irregular Verbs Board Game

Following on from the TPR activity with irregular verbs, here’s an Irregular Verbs Board game to further practise pronunciation.

Make a set of cards with the infinitive of irregular verbs on each one and place them face down in a pile on the table.

Up to five students can play individually on each board, so if you have larger classes either divide them into teams or make more copies of the board. Each student starts on a coloured hexagon and must work their way across the board to the same coloured hexagon. To do this the first student takes a card from the pile and says the three forms of the verb (infinitive, past simple and past participle). They then look at the board and if the forms of the verb (AAA, ABB, ABA, ABC) match a hexagon adjoining the one they are currently in, they can move. If not, they have to stay where they are.

Play continues until a player reaches the opposite side of the board. The verb cards can be re-used as often as you wish in each game.


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Posted May 26, 2009 by Teresa Bestwick in category Grammar Activities

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  1. Deborah

    Please send me the TPR activity with irregular verbs, file with board game. Thank you in advance. I teach English to Mexican students.


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